Q: What did the gangster’s son tell his dad when he failed his examination?

A: Dad they questioned me for 3 hours but I never told them anything.”


Today a phone without wire is fashion. One day will come when human without brain will be a fashion. On that day, my friend, u will Rock..


bhikari-sahab ek rupiya de do. Sahab-tumhe sharam nahi aati road par khade hokar bhikh mangte. Bhikari-abe tere ek rupiye ke liye office kholu kya?


Baithe tere khayalo mai,kore kagazpe likha tera nam.Tasvir B bana dali or likha us par yah paigam.

Zinda ya murda,pakdne waleko

Rs.5000 inam


“Laziness is our biggest enemy” -Jawaharlal Nehru.

“We should learn to love our enemies”- Mahathma Gandhi.

Which one to follow?… Great confusion.


The pen of india.

The soap of india.

The taste of india.

The best in india.

Time waste of india… :-)


Dad : Son, what do you want for your birthday?

Son : Not much dad, just a radio with a sports car around it.


Rules for board exam:

har sawal se dat kar ladna,fekne me kami mat karna,mouka mila to peche be dekhna,or 1 bat yaad rakhna aagawala ka paper apna samajhna.


What is the height of mixed emotions???

when ur mother in law falls from 7th floor on ur mercedes!!!!


As by xperience my advice 4u friends- have only one girl friend otherwise ur life will b very sad like me ,1side Aishwarya puling me 4 cinema other side Sania pulling me 4 Tennis and kareena keeps sending luv messages 2 me! Silly gals!Wat can i do? Hey Wait.I’m getting a call from katrina kaif….


Whats the height of hope???….

A 99 year old lady going for airtel ka naya lifetime scheme…!!

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