Upps sorry for late coming back here guys, never mind, ok if u want to access free airtel gprs then follow this procedure…

1. Activate ur airtel live & mms services which is free.

2. Create new profile or modify airtel live profile which is exist in ur connection-> access point options or whtevr or wherevr i dont use all urs hansets ha ha ha.
Ok then

3. connection name=airtel free
data bearer= gprs or packet data
access point name = airtelmms.com
authentication= secure
then goto in advanced settings and then
proxy server address=
proxy port number=8080
thts all


Now use “airtel free� as default connection.

Open home page, when its opening… go to “connect > conn. Manager >� and Terminate displayed connection.� Then open homepage or any site as u like….Now you are connected to Internet

This trick is tested on 6600, 7610, 6630, All Nseries Mobiles and Eseries Mobiles. and I hope I will work great in sony erricson mobile also….


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